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Test Frequency

Under this program, we schedule scholarship tests annually.


The candidate should fullfill the below eligibility criterias on the date of the test to qualify for any possible scholarship grant

  • Citizenship: Any citizen from can apply for the test.
  • Minimum Age: You should have attained the age of years on the date of the test.
  • Maximum Age: You should not be older than the age of years on the date of the test.
  • Gender:
  • Minimum Education: Any candidate as on the date of test can participate in this program.

Upcoming Tests

All upcoming test links will be activated 15 mins before the start of the Test and will be deactivated 15 mins prior to the end of the Test.

Scholarship Grants

Each test under this prgram will grant the following scholarship to successful candidates. These grants are given based on the performance of the candidate in our scholarship tests.

Grant AmountDisbursal Mode

Test Instructions

The following are instructions for your online scholarship test, to ensure consistent instructions for all candidates and to align with YuGrow policies around misconduct.

  • There will be questions.
  • There is Mins time limit to answer all questions.
  • Questions will not follow any specific order or sequence or section i.e. English questions following up post General Knowledge section.
  • Each correct answer will carry +2 marks.
  • Wrong answers will be negatively marked at -1.5.
  • Questions not attempted will be negatively marked at -0.5.
  • You can not pause the test. The test will be auto submitted post the test duration.
  • Technical Instructions
    • The test link will be active 15 mins before the tests starts and will be deactivated 15 mins prior to the end of the test.
    • Scholarship test can ONLY be taken on Desktop or Laptop device. You can not take the test on mobile device.
    • The latest versions of most desktop browsers are supported.
      ChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerMicrosoft EdgeOperaSafari
      WindowsSupportedSupportedSupported, IE10+SupportedSupportedNot supported
    • When the link is clicked the maximised test window will open.
    • Right click option will be DISABLED on the test window.
    • You can not do the following while the test is going on - if done, the test will be treated as INVALID.
      • You can not minimise the test window.
      • You can not press Alt + Tab
    • You can only login from one device at any time for the test. If you do multiple login to the test, you will be signed out of the test and the test will restart.

Grant CutOffs

We rank candidates based yu Score which is based on two parameters; accuracy and speed of the scholarship test. For this specific scholarship program, our ranking matrix is as below.

Grant AmountGrant Cutoff

For better understanding of yu Score, please read this yu Score Manual.

Selection and Verification of Winners and Conditions relating to the Grant

What is the grant payment schedule?

The overall scholarship grant will be paid at the start of every academic year of the course it is meant for. For example, if you have won a scholarship for Under Gradute course which is a 4 year course, the scholarship grant will be paid in 4 equal amount at the start of each academic year.