About Us

Empowering learners, Transforming lives

We are a young, energetic, curious, innovative team that cares deeply about the state of education globally.

YuGrow wants every meritorious, promising student to have the opportunity to learn and grow, be it through higher education or by securing a career in technology. Financial constraints must never be the reason for abandoning colleges and universities and accepting less in life than their true potential.

The company offers a new approach to financial assistance for students in partnerships with global educational trusts and foundations. YuGrow offers tech-enabled programs that plug the gap between deserving students and philanthropic organisations. These programs scale the process to secure financial aid to millions of students following its approach.

Lifelong Skilling. Measurable Impact.

Our Values

The YuGrow Way

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Stay relevant & practical

We empathize with people to solve real-world problems and deliver relevant, practical solutions for everyone

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Drive actions with data

We believe everything is measurable. Sound decisions are anchored first on the right data and then coupled with instinct.

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Seek clarity of complexity

Structured yet agile, we own it until it’s shipped. We define goals and then focus on what we got done and not on what we did.

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Be curious. Constantly.

With continuous learning at our core, we keep asking why to define problems and why not to explore possibilities.

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Step in and engage

We seek to actively learn and support by keeping communication channels open at all times, at all levels.

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Be Bold and Responsible

We’re unafraid to think big and challenge the status quo. This means making new mistakes and not repeating them.

The guys behind the curtains

Our Advisors

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Prisha Bakshi

Judicial Magistrate, Juvenile Justice

Debashish Das Gupta

Professor, IIM Lucknow

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Minal Arora

Author, Speaker

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Ben Smith

Founder, SwitchCycles, UK

The guys behind the curtains

Our Supporters

We would like to thank our generous supporters who have helped us grow and kept our core operations running.